It is estimated that as many as fifty percent of us will experience cancer in our life times. QiGong is an ancient system of energy cultivation and exercise for health, healing and longevity. Among its many therapeutic applications, it offers benefit to those who experience cancer. This webpage resource is provided for those interested in learning more about Qigong and how it can assist in the management of cancer.

For a general overview of Qigong exercise for Cancer care, See:Klein, P.J. Qigong in Cancer Care: Theory, Evidence, and Practice. Medicines 2017, 4(1), 2; doi:10.3390/medicines4010002 (available online at http://www.mdpi.com/2305-6320/4/1/2 , accessed Jan 15, 2017)

A dedicated group of qigong enthusiasts have embarked on an altruistic challenge to…

Make a Documentary on QiGong in Cancer Care

Qigong in Cancer Care postureThe goals of the documentary are:

to raise public and professional awareness of the benefits of qigong in cancer care, and

to provide information on what constitutes effective qigong in cancer care.

It is our hope that this project will be a valuable resource to improve the lives of those experiencing cancer and  a justification and stimulus for a wider access to qigong programming for individuals with cancer, their families and their support partners.

Documentary Trailer

Our Trailer for the QiGong in Cancer Care Documentary is out. Have a look and let us know what you think (we love feedback).

Video – 4 minutes 48 seconds long with audio.